Welcome to Bubba Bear!

As parents ourselves, we are all too familiar with the painful routine during mealtimes; Cook. Feed. Clean. Repeat.

Here at Bubba Bear, we want to help parents spend more time with their bubba, and less time cleaning after them! We’ve developed a range of products to help bubbas start the journey of weaning onto solid foods.  Strong suction bases, food grade materials, and fun designs will ensure your bubba has the most positive start to weaning. It’s not just your little one who’ll love our products though; by shopping with us you may just develop an addiction to bamboo plates like many of our customers.

We’ve designed every product to encourage parents and their little ones to be more conscious of the environment. It’s crazy how we do everything we can, as parents, to give our children the best start in life, yet still use so much plastic with tableware, bottles etc. Choosing Bubba Bear will give you that little bit of pride that you’ve done something amazing for our little planet, and your little one. We create products that will not only help your little one to grow & develop today, but will also help to protect their future for years to come.

We’ll start wrapping things up here as lets face it, you’ve got your hands full, and we haven’t had a good nights sleep in a while we’ve forgotten what we were writing. We just hope you enjoy browsing our products as much as we enjoyed designing them. If you do choose to use Bubba Bear for your mealtime needs, well then as a small family run business we are forever grateful to you.

Bubba Bear x